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Sofie Marin is the founder and CEO of From Sweden, Senior Consultant and Advisor within Arts, Business and Entrepreneurship for the #SDG:s. 

Digital strategies | Business Development | Event Promotion

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Innovation for Impact

"Climate change is happening, whether we believe it or not, and the window to meet the UN Sustainable Global Goals before 2030 is closing down. I believe social entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries will help us find the solutions faster and am dedicated to empowering leaders within these fields with the strategies, tools and connections they need to stand out, scale up and make a difference."
- Sofie Marin 

About Sofie Marin

Sofie is frequently hired as a senior consultant, advisor and speaker/trainer to senior management and leaders within cultural, creative and impact driven organisations to help them with business development, digital strategies, event promotion and communication for impact. She is the founder and CEO of From Sweden and From Sweden Productions and has developed Arts Dynamics for arts entrepreneurs. Parallel to that she is City Leader for Stockholm Entrepreneur Social, which is part of a global community of 1,5+ million entrepreneurs around the world within Entrepreneurs Institute and the Genius Group. 


"Working with From Sweden Productions is nothing short of Pure Excellence. Their knowledge of PR and Social Media is second to none and has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for me as an artist and for my business. Sofie has an endless well of positive energy and focus and leaves no page unturned. She always has the time and patience to deal with anything I throw at her and then some!! To work with From Sweden is the best decision I’ve made in my 25 years as an artist. I only wish I’d met her sooner!"

Fred Johanson
Musical Theatre Artist

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